A crossword for lessons reffering to smuggling, for an advanced class

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Capitol/lecţie: Unit 16, lesson 1 from Snapshot, They used to hide here - Smuggling in Cornwall

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Fill in the blank spaces from the next crossword and you will discover on column AB the word used to define: ''To import or export without paying lawful customs charges or duties''.

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1. ignorance is a state in which you do not know about something unpleasant or worrying, so it does not make you unhappy.
2. A person that climbs, especially a person who climbs mountains is called a
3. A ship that can travel both on the surface of the water and under water is called a
4. A person who seeks money and expensive gifts from other persons is called a gold
5. Something that causes a strong feeling of dislikes or disgust is being called
6. People who perform in a circus, wear funny clothes and make people laugh by doing silly things are called
7. is a warm piece of clothing that covers your upper body and arms
8. Something that is extremely unusual and likely to shock people or make them laugh is

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